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Best Blueberry Supplements in 2023 

Blueberries have antioxidant and anthocyanin content, which is particularly effective in dealing with various health issues, including cognitive decline, cardiovascular health, and liver fat. It is also used for healthy skin and losing weight. Blueberries are both food products and dietary supplements.

Why Blueberries? If you are looking for a natural and organic way of solving your health issues, Blueberries can be a great option. People can intake Blueberries through powder, blueberry extract, isolated anthocyanins, or frozen or fresh Blueberries.

Keeping the benefits of this super-fruit in mind, we have shortlisted some best blueberry supplements for you. Check the list below and find which one can be best for you.

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As you’re about to learn, there are benefits with each of the Blueberry supplement recommendations we’ve made for you; it’s one of the reasons we don’t just give you a Top 10. But we can help more, so read on to see which makes the perfect one based on your needs and lifestyle and avoid potential problems when taking Blueberries too.

Vitafusion Extra Strength Biotin 5000 mcg Blueberry

Vitafusion Extra Strength Biotin 5000 mcg Blueberry

Why we picked it: High-quality product, highly rated by consumers, and has beneficial results.

Vitafusion Extra Strength Biotin 5000 mcg Blueberry is a dietary supplement in the form of a gummy, which has a natural blueberry flavor and tastes good. This lab-tested supplement contains an abundance of biotin. It is gluten-free and highly effective for hair, skin & nail support. It feels not only helpful but also supports fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism.


  • Natural blueberry flavor
  • Dietary Supplement
  •  Gluten-free
  •  Free of high fructose corn syrup
  • Adults are suggested to take two (2) gummy vitamins per day

Who Makes It:

Vitafusion is America’s number one gummy vitamin brand. This company manufactures dietary supplements from fruit and digs fruit trees for the betterment of nature. There are different types of supplements for different needs of people, including for parents and age-old.


  • Supports fat, protein, and carbohydrate metabolism.
  • Suitable for hair, skin & nail support.
  •  Tastes good 
  •  Easy to consume
  • Gluten-free
  • High fructose corn syrup free


  • Not tree nuts allergen-friendly
  • Contains soy.

Life Extension Blueberry Extract Capsules.

Life Extension Blueberry Extract Capsules

Why we picked it: Highly beneficial for brain health, Cognitive ability, and DNA.

Life extension blueberry extract capsules contain wild Alaskan Blueberries, which have nearly 10 times the antioxidant capacity than cultivated berries. These dietary supplement capsules are highly effective for improving memory and restoring healthy neuronal function to aged brains.


  • 375 mg whole wild blueberry extract
  • 75 mg blue active wild blueberry extract
  • High antioxidant capacity
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegetarian

Who Makes It:

Life Extension has done 40 years of research to bring premium,scientifically-validated formulations. They spent decades redefining how to create advanced and effective formulations. Life Extension offers over 350 supplements based on the different needs of different people.


  • No side effects
  • Simple to take
  • This capsule acts quickly
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • It has 10 times the antioxidant capacity


  • None
  • Has side effects in special cases.

Sports Research Wild Blueberry Concentrate

Sports Research Wild Blueberry Concentrate

Why we picked it:1055 positive customer ratings, manufactured by a trusted company highly health beneficial.

The wild blueberry concentrate is made from whole North American Blueberries. It is a great way to supplement whole fruit into everyday life without excessive dietary and sugar. It is beneficial for losing weight and gaining strength. 


  • It is made from U.S. grown Organic Blueberries containing Flavonoids & Anthocyanins
  • It has the same benefits as whole Blueberries without the Sugar, Carbohydrates or Calories
  • Non-GMO and Gluten-Free

Who Makes It:

Sports Research (SR®) makes this supplement. It was founded in 1980. It is a Family Run Company dedicated to providing consumers with the highest quality health and wellness. Sports Research still confidently remains true to its long tradition of helping families achieve their health and fitness goals by delivering high-quality products.


  • Good for losing weight and decreasing cholesterol level
  • Highly effective for pain relief
  • Improves mood and metabolism
  • No side effects 
  • Acts fast


  • The pill is hard to swallow for some people

Zazzee Whole Blueberry Extract

Zazzee Whole Blueberry Extract

Why we picked it: Outstanding value, popular among users, manufactured from a trusted company.

Zazzee WholeBlueberry extract is an all-natural, Non-GMO and vegan capsule with 5000mg strength. This supplement has maximum strength available and gold-standard production. The capsules are highly effective for improving the immune system.


  • 5000 mg strength per capsule
  • 120 capsules per bottle
  • Powerful 10:1 extract ratio
  • 100% vegan
  • Does not contain any sweeteners, artificial flavors, wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg, fish, shellfish, or tree nut ingredients

Who Makes It:

Zazzee Naturals manufactures this supplement. This company takes pride in producing high-quality supplements at a superior value, emphasising innovation and natural ingredients. It manufactures all of its products in the USA in an FDA-registered, NSF-certified, and cGMP-compliant facility. It has a 100% positive review in the last 12 months.


  • Useful for getting a healthy and robust immune system
  • Works excellent as anti-inflammation
  • Increases energy
  • Keeps blood sugar stable.
  • Good for diabetic patients
  • Good for reducing heart diseases.


  • Slow result
  • Pills are not beneficial for improving skin.

Micro Ingredients Organic Blueberry Extract

Sustainably Canada Grown Organic Blueberry Extract

Why we picked it: Highly reviewed by the consumers, made from the best ingredients.

This blueberry extract powder is rich in antioxidants, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins. It is vegan-friendly and absolutely Non-GMO. It has no additives, preservatives, colors, soy, and gluten. It is consumed with shakes or beverages for everyday nutrition.


  • No GMO
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Rich in Antioxidants, Enzyme, Flavonoids, Anthocyanin, Minerals 
  • No Additives
  • Gluten-free
  • Free of preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, soy, and fillers

Who Makes It:

The Micro Ingredient is a manufacturer and a friend who wants what is best for its consumers. They always ensure that the ingredients are additives-free, fillers-free, and Non-GMO. This company has been working for years to provide high-quality fruit supplements to consumers.


  • Increases energy and metabolism
  • Good for the eyes
  • Tastes like real fruit 
  •  Dissolves in water right away
  • No GMOs and vegan-friendly


  • No side effects.

Vimergy Herbs – Wild Blueberry Powder 

Vimergy Herbs - Wild Blueberry Powder

Why we picked it: Popular among consumers, Made with only one ingredient, low bush Blueberries

Wild blueberry powder is made from premium low bush blueberry, which is an excellent supplement for having a concentrated, delicious and convenient way to have health benefits from wild Blueberries.


  •  Two teaspoons per serving
  •  Gluten and fat-free
  •  No added sugar
  •  Wild Crafted, Non-GMO, 
  •  Kosher, Vegan & Paleo Friendly
  •  Contains no additives or fillers. 100% Pure

Who Makes It:

Vimergy manufactures it. Vimergy aims to simplify people’s health without sacrificing purity and nutrients. They provide the highest quality supplement in powder, capsules, and liquids. Vimergy supplies the finest vegan B12, Zinc, Wild Blueberry powder, and other great supplements.


  •  Good for diabetes
  • Works as an antioxidant
  •  Improve the immune system
  • 100% pure
  • Non-GMO, Gluten-free.


  • No cons

Puritans Pride Bilberry

Puritans Pride Bilberry

Why we picked it: Maximum good reviews, manufactured by a renowned company.

Puritans pride bilberry is a dietary supplement in the form of soft gels. It contains over 15 different naturally-occurring anthocyanosides (flavonoids) that contain beneficial antioxidant properties. Bilberry is a close relative of the blueberry and provides similar health benefits.


  • 4:1 extract
  • 1000 Mg soft gels, 180 in total
  • Free from artificial flavor or sweeteners
  • No preservatives, sugar, starch, milk, lactose, wheat, yeast, fish, and sodium
  • Gluten-free
  • contain beneficial antioxidant properties.
  • Adults can take one (1) soft gel once or twice daily, preferably with a meal.

Who Makes It:

It is produced by Puritan’s Pride which has helped families achieve a lifestyle of wellness, for more than 40 years. Puritan’s pride was established in 1973 to provide customers with quality vitamins, caring services, and value pricing.


  •  Improves eyesight and night vision.
  • Solves different eye problems, including hurting, burning, and blurring.
  • Easy to swallow.
  • Rich in antioxidants properties
  • Free from additives and preservatives.


  • Not soy allergen-friendly

Bulk Supplements Blueberry Extract Powder 

Bulksupplements Blueberry Extract Powder

Why we picked it: Made from a trusted company, highly reviewed by consumers.

Bulk Supplements Blueberry Extract Powder is a clean and pure powder. This product is lab tested for verification and guaranteed purity. It is full of antioxidants and has a factory-sealed foiled zip pouch.


  •  Clean & pure powder
  •  Lab tested for verification & guaranteed purity
  •  Factory-sealed foil zip pouch
  •  High antioxidant content

Who Makes It:

Bulk Supplements is a company that supplies over 400 pure nutritional supplement ingredients to both consumers and manufacturers. They are dedicated to maintaining all health codes and government regulations. Every supplement is tested in their in-house lab before distribution, ensuring that all products are safe for consumption.


  • Heart-healthy
  •  Benefits memory & cognition
  •  Beneficial for post-workout recovery.
  • Lab-tested
  • Works great for pain relief.


  • Inconsistent powder and taste is not quite good

Organic Blueberry Fruit Extract Powder by Undersun Biomedtech 

Organic Blueberry fruit Extract Powder by Undersun Biomedtech

Why we picked it: 100% natural and organic, manufactured by a highly rated company by users.

This 100% organic blueberry fruit extract powder is a product of the Undersun brand. With antioxidants and nutrients, this product is highly used for beverages and foods. It has the original blueberry color, odor, and great taste. This product is excellent for having nutrition in disguise of yummy foods. It is suitable for baking, and cooking blueberry flavored foods and beverages.


  • Made under low temperatures, rich in vitamins
  • Has rich nutrients
  • 100% made by blueberry juice, have good solubility in water
  • Used in foods, beverages, cold drink and cake
  • Purple powder.

Who Makes It:

In 2004, Shaanxi Undersun Biomedtech Co. Ltd. was established. It is a professional hi-tech company expert in developing, producing, and marketing various plant extracts. It has become popular over the years, among the clients inland and overseas. Their products have been primarily applied in the field of pharmacy, healthcare, cosmetics, and food additives and have satisfied the relevant industries ideally.


  • Helps to get vitamin C and other nutrients
  •  Tastes good
  • 100% organic and has no side effects
  • Suitable for use in beverages and foods.
  • Full of antioxidants


  •  May cause excessive food intake

Popular Blueberry Supplement Types

Blueberry Extract

Blueberry extract is made from concentrated blueberry juice, which is a natural health supplement. It is full of antioxidants and nutrition.

Blueberry Powder

Blueberry powder is made by using vacuum freeze-drying technology, physical crushing technology, and instant smash from domestic pollution-free blueberry at low temperatures. Blueberry powder has all kinds of nutrition and healthcare ingredients. This product has the original natural color, taste, and smell of blueberry. It is used to process a variety of flavored blueberry food and all kinds of nutritious food to enhance the effects of healthy nutrition.

Blueberry capsules

AuroraBlue®, a complex of powerful health-promoting antioxidants, is the main ingredient of blueberry capsules, which is excellent for reducing stress and promoting a healthy inflammatory response, as well as memory health.

Blueberry Gummy & Softgels

Blueberry extract is also found in the form of gummies full of antioxidants and other nutrients.

Benefits of Blueberry Supplements

Blueberries have beneficial properties for almost all age groups and genders. Being very low in calories, Blueberries can help you to create a perfect diet. These are the main benefits of Blueberries:

  • Contains nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and fiber
  • Have antioxidant properties
  • Reduces DNA damage and prevents aging and cancer
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Prevents heart diseases
  • Maintains brain functions and improves memory
  • Have anti-diabetic effects
  • Fights urinary tract infections
  • Reduces muscle damage after exercise 

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Who Should Take Blueberry Supplements

Anyone can take blueberry supplements. As Blueberries come with some specific benefits, the following people can get maximum benefits from blueberry supplements:

  • Athletes: As Blueberries can improve muscle recovery, athletes can take blueberry supplements for performance enhancement. 
  • Diabetic Patients: Blueberries might improve insulin resistance as well as glucose tolerance, what diabetic patients need. 
  • Elderly People: Elderly people tend to lose their cognitive function with age. Research has shown that Blueberries can improve cognitive functions in senior citizens. 

It is important to consult a doctor before taking any supplements to know if it interferes with any other medication, blueberries are no different.

How to Take Blueberry Supplements

The recommended serving for blueberry powder supplements is 1-2 tablespoons a day. Anything more than this amount might cause problems. The best way to take the supplement is to mix it with other fruit juices or smoothies. At times, athletes also mix Blueberries with energy shakes and electrolytes. 

How to Choose a Blueberry Supplement

Blueberry extract is taken from either highbush blueberries or other wild low bush Blueberries.

Due to different health issues, it is essential to know about the process of choosing blueberry supplements. The things you need to consider are: 

  • Ingredients: Many manufacturers use additional ingredients, such as vitamin C, to enhance the extract’ effect. But in many cases, some elements, such as soy oil. It may cause adverse reactions in people who are allergic to it.
  • Manufacturing company: Always look for the company background and the manufacturing process.
  • Choose the right type: As there are different types of blueberry supplements, capsules, powder, liquid, and gummies; it is essential to know which one suits you best. 
  • Value for money: There are different prices of blueberry supplements in the market who are giving offers for promotion. Don’t buy extract at low prices without checking its quality. Buy from trusted companies, check all the reviews, and spend money, which will be worth it.

So, check our shortlist of different blueberry extracts with their pros and cons and find which one is perfect for you.

Blueberry Supplement FAQs

  1. Are anthocyanins found in other food or supplements?

Yes, fruits and vegetables, including blackberries, cherries, raspberries, pomegranates, grapes, red onion, radishes, and kidney beans, contain anthocyanins.

Supplements such as bilberry, tart cherries, and elderberry contain high anthocyanins.

  1. Isn’t it better to eat whole Blueberries than taking blueberry extract?

It depends on who takes it. If you are a person who lacks fiber in her diet, then whole Blueberries may be better for you because Blueberries are a good source of fiber with 3.6g in a one-cup serving. According to a recommendation of a daily intake of 14% fiber, the whole blueberry can fulfil it. On the other hand, the blueberry supplement contains a higher dose of nutrients than the whole blueberry depending on the formulation. So if you think you need a high dose of nutrients, supplements may be better for you. Moreover, both supplements and whole fruits are full of vitamins and minerals.

  1. Is blueberry extract better than blueberry leaf extract?

Although these two have some overlapping benefits, they are not the same. Again, it depends on you which one can be better for you. So ask your doctor while choosing a blueberry supplement as the blueberry extract is made from the blueberry fruit; however, blueberry leaf extract is made from the leaves of the blueberry bush.

  1. Which kind of blueberry is perfect for me, powder, liquid, or capsule?

It depends on you. Few people are comfortable with actual fruit, whereas few prefer other extract types. If swallowing capsules is difficult for you, you should choose powder or juice according to your needs. Whatever extract you select for yourself, always check the ingredients to be cautious about any parts that can cause an allergic reaction.

  1. What are the side effects of blueberry supplements?

If you consume the right Blueberries dosage, you will not likely suffer from side effects. However, over-consumption of blueberry might cause side effects like:

  • Heartburn 
  • Reflux
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Hypoglycemia

Final Thoughts

Blueberry extract is scientifically proven to cure different medical conditions with the lowest side effects. It is highly recommended for cognitive function, mood, diabetes, the blood vascular system, and so much more. 

Blueberry anthocyanin’s active ingredient helps solve various diseases like heart problems, pain relief, etc. So spending on blueberry supplements is worthy of a more enjoyable life. Researchers have proven that whole Blueberries are a powerhouse of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. 

So if you are thinking of supplementing yourself with blueberry, get suggested by your doctor first and then choose the right form of blueberry supplement for you after evaluating different companies’ supplements. 


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