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Complete Phase 8 Protein Review

Phase 8 Protein is a quality protein powder made by Muscle Tech. It is made with some healthy ingredients that blend very well and have great taste. We have made an intensive review of this product concerning the whole ingredients, its effect and what consumers are saying about it. Kindly read this article to get the necessary details we have compiled in this review.

The MuscleTech Phase 8 Powder is known to be amazing protein powder. Aside from the fact that it tastes great and mixes very well, it is made up of glutamine and BCAAs. One of the reasons why this protein powder may not be listed as the best powder is because it is made up of too many protein powders. Protein powder with too many mixtures of different protein powders or source is a turndown. It should be at least a blend of two powders such as whey protein hydrolysate and whey protein isolate. Phase 8 protein powder is made up of 7 different kinds of protein. However, the selling point of this product that makes it acceptable in the market is the 8 hours feature. 

Feature of Phase 8 Protein Powder

The major selling point of Phase 8 Protein is the straight 8-hour energy sustainability after the product is consumed. This is where the product got the 8 in its name. The 8-hour feature is made possible due to the different 7 kinds of protein that are blended to make up the Phase 8 protein. The combination improves the rate of amino acids that are released into the bloodstream. With this quantity of amino acids released into the bloodstream, the muscles can feed and rebuild its tissue throughout the day. Moreover, the protein powder can be taken in the night as a nightcap protein shake. This will provide the body with the volume of needed amino acids for the night.

Different Seven Source of Protein in Phase 8 Powder

Phase 8 constitutes 7 types of protein that are mixed to form the powder. These proteins are listed below:

  • Hydrolyzed whey protein isolate
  • 97 percent whey protein isolate
  • Whey protein concentrate
  • Whey protein isolate
  • Calcium caseinate
  • Milk protein concentrate
  • Micellar caseinate

These are the proteins that made up Phase 8 protein powder and it is the highest-selling factor of the product. Although, it should be noted that whey protein isolate is the best protein in any protein powder. Whey protein isolate is free of fats and lactose. Besides, it dissolves easily in the body faster than any other type of protein. Note that it is also the most expensive among other kinds of protein. Mixing the protein with other types of proteins is an indication that there might be some percentage of lactose in the product. Therefore, individuals that are allergic to lactose might have a little challenge with digestion. One other thing is that the manufacturer did not list out the measurement of these different proteins. It would be a relief to know the percentage. 

BCAAs of Phase 8 Protein

BCAAs are the main amino acids in a product for muscle growth. Phase 8 Protein powder contains 4.6 grams of amino acids per serving. These are three proteins namely isoleucine, valine and leucine. Amongst these three, the most essential protein is leucine, it is double of the other two proteins (isoleucine and valine). This is the ratio idea in the content for effective muscle growth.

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Glutamine of Phase 8 Protein

The most plentiful amino acid in the human body that gets used when we do our workouts with weights and other types of workouts is Glutamine. this amazing protein powder will supply you 2.2 grams of glutamine per serving. Though this is small compared to some other protein powders. Nevertheless, it can assist you to repair and grow new muscle tissues after your workouts.

Fats, Sugar, and Carbs of Phase 8 Protein

The product Phase 8 protein constitutes of 2 calories or fat in each serving. Sugar of any kind is not part of its component. It has up to 7 grams of carbs per serving. For those on a keto diet, this could be avoided. Cholesterol level is very low at 5 grams per serving. Sodium content is as high at 120 grams also per serving.

Effectiveness of Phase 8 Protein

The main thing about this product is that it will do the exact work you want it to do for you. It can supply the necessary amount of amino acids you want it to release into your body system. Also, it can build up your muscle tissue after workouts. exact work that you bought it for. The necessary essential amino acids will be supplied to your body and your muscle tissues can be easily rebuilt. 26 grams of protein is what you will get per serving. This particular feature places it on the same level of other selling protein powders in the market. One good thing about this product is the additional 5 grams of BCAAs and 2.2 grams glutamine that gives it a great combo for effective muscle builder.

Taste of Phase 8 Protein

Phase 8 protein comes with four different flavours. Every one of the flavours has great taste. The available flavours are:

  1. Milk chocolate
  2. Strawberry
  3. Vanilla
  4. Cookies ‘n Cream

Just as stated above, you will be excited with the taste of all these flavours. The high levels of sodium in its content are one of the reasons for its great taste – exact 120 grams mg of sodium in each serving. This is amazing compared to some products in the market. Though this depends on the individual consumer, if you prefer a good taste then the sodium content is a yes for you. But for those who do not prefer something too sweet, then an alternative of products with less sodium content is what to look for.

Pros and Cons of Phase 8 Protein


  • 8 hours extended-release formula
  • 4.6 grams of BCAAs
  • Glutamine 2.2 grams
  • Amazing taste


  • High level of sodium
  • Low carbs at 7 grams

Phase 8 Protein Mixability

The product has quality mixability. Whether you decide to make use of a blender, bottle shaker or spoon in a glass cup, the bottom line is that it will mix very well. The powder will not form any lump or clump together also you will not find residue at the bottom of the cup, blender or shaker you choose to use.

One of the reasons that this powder mixes so well without any stress is because of its fine powder. Though some buyers have commented that it is a great protein powder but sticks to almost everything. Everyone has a choice, though it was not the same experience that we had when we tried it. It mixed well.

Our Summation on Phase 8 Protein Powder

One of the killer selling point and strategy of the MuscleTech product, Phase 8 Protein powder is the gradual release of amino acids for 8 hours. This alone outstands many products and makes it a good protein powder shake for nighttime. A downside that could become a challenge is the addition of 7 different types of proteins that are not listed on the label. We recommend that they stick to the main protein powder content which is whey protein isolate. The mixability, coupled with the taste is a good one. However, the high level of sodium might not go well for every consumer. This should be looked into. Though there are alternative products for those who cannot deal with it.


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