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EAS Protein Powder Review – All You Need to Know and The Only Downside


  • Product Name: EAS 100% Pure Whey Protein Powder
  • Review Rating: 4.3 of 5
  • Protein Source: 100% whey protein
  • Protein Per Serving: 30 grams
  • Content-Type: Powder

EAS as a protein powder product has been able to trend far and wide in the supplement industry. The manufacturers have been able to make their way through into consumers heart with some killing strategies that cannot be rejected in any product. First, the composition of the product is causing a serious wave among other brands of protein powders. Also, one would expect the price of the product to be very high due to the rich composition, but the reverse is the case which has worked to get so many buyers to this product – it is just so affordable. The most amazing fact is that the affordability of this product does not affect the quality standard of the EAS protein powder.

After much research about this product, we have been able to come out with a reason behind the product’s low price in the market. The price is not there to deceive anyone to buy the product, but the fact is, especially those who know about protein powder products, the product is not too impressive and at the same time not bad as an alternative to other protein supplements.

The bottom line on the price issue is that for those who are on a low budget and would not want to spend more on high-end powder, the EAS protein powder would be a better option. On the other hand, for those who are more concern about some ingredients most especially the digestive support properties, this might not be a good pick.

In this EAS protein powder review, we have been able to map out all you need to know about the product and the major downside. All these will be opened up as we discuss further.
A Simple Nutritional Highlight that Equals the Price

Before you decide to go for this product, it is good you know ahead that you might not get the best nutritional profile that you expect to see – that is if you are after a high-quality standard protein powder. Unlike other expensive brands of protein powder in the market with high class. Its main selling point is the low price and it as been produced to meet up to the standard according to its price. Anyways, do you know that EAS protein powder is even better than some of its alternative brands in the market? Some more expensive products are not way too better than EAS product. A combination of 30 grams of protein, 7.3 grams BCAAs, 2.5 grams fat is not too poor for a protein powder. See this comparison, per serving of this product, is just 2 fill scoop powder which is precisely 43 grams. This figure is far better than some more expensive alternative protein powders out there. It has more 170 grams of calories per serving. With this calculation, the product will certainly be effective for some users. However, there are some more things to consider about this product.

EAS Protein Powder Micronutrients

Many individuals believe that once they buy protein powder, it is supposed to supply them more than just protein. They supposed it should release other forms of essential micronutrients that they need for their daily activity. Micronutrients are the properties that assist a consumer of protein powder to add more muscles.

There are little or no micronutrients, so you should not be disappointed. Aside from the beefy protein, and BCAA content, some believe it has nothing to offer them. This is not true. For gym and sports enthusiasts, this protein powder might not make any effect on them. Therefore, it is better to search for other brands that fit your requirements. However, still depending on the user, you might want to mix it up with another protein powder to add up some of the missing micronutrients. But, if you are okay with the EAS micronutrients then it means it is not a downside for you.

EAS Protein Powder for Individuals with Strong Digestive System

It should be noted that EAS is made up of pure whey. Therefore, it has no quick absorption properties. For those with weak digestive metabolism, it is a no-no and a huge downside. Some digestive enzymes like pepsin, proteases, bromelain should be fully mixed in the powder. This would help those with weak digestives to breakdown the content.

We have picked this particular flaw as one of the biggest downsides of EAS Protein Powder. One wouldn’t love to experience an untimely moving bowel after consuming the content. This would make it more difficult for a large number of people to conveniently digest the formulation.

However, if you are the type with a tough and reliable digestive system, shortage of digestive enzymes in this formulation might not pose any problem to you. Though it should be noted that a lot of lactose is included in this powder. So, for individuals that are lactose-intolerant steer clear from this product to avoid discomfort.

EAS Protein Powder Taste

We cannot complete our review on the EAS protein powder without having something to say about its taste. It has different flavours but the chocolate has a great taste compared to some of its competitors in the market. You can mix the content with milk and shake very well with a shaker to get rid of lumps and clumps. The journey down the throat is creamy and smooth – yummy!

One main challenge with mixing is that it does not mix well with water. Mixing with water causes it to have a very awful feeling when its down the throat. So, we recommend you mix with milk instead. One of the amazing fact about mixing with milk is that it helps to boost the calory level because it is made up of pure whey protein powder. This product will give you 170 calories, but when you mix with milk, you end up taking in 350 calories.

Variety of EAS Protein Powder

The product is available in three (3) different flavours namely chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. The chocolate is mostly accepted though it depends on the individual choice of taste. Strawberry is another good pick for its smooth and pleasant taste.

Pros and Cons of the Protein Powder


Its affordability is the major selling point and the reason most buyers go for it. So far it is a protein-filled supplement that is within their budget
Talk of proteins and BCAAs, the product got you covered and a pick for your fitness activities
It has a smooth and creamy taste. This is another reason so many buyers are going for it, unlike some other products that do not go well down the throat for them.


It is a bad combo with water
It might require some users to complement it with an extra multivitamin to fill up the missing micronutrients
Has a lot of calories per serving
It is short of digestive enzymes and could be a challenge for those with weak guts causing issues like constipation or unnecessary stomach movement.

Our Summary on EAS Protein Powder

Now depending on the user requirements, the product might be worth purchasing or not. For those that are only after its protein content, this could be the best pick. It has enough protein per serving. You need not worry, with the protein content you can get the desired result you want at the gym – increase your gains and supply the needed energy.

Aside from other challenges, the product is worth its price. Those with low budget can keep buying from time to time without any stress. The taste is nice and smooth. It is good to try it out. However, for those hoping for something more complete in ingredients and nutrients, EAS might not be a better option. You can check out other brands that have been able to gain buyers trust over the years in the market. No doubt, this EAS powder has been able to get good reviews from its consumers over the year. At least a 4.3 rating out of 5 is great.


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