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Core Power Protein Shake Review

This product has a good rating in the market. It is a type of protein shake that is ready to drink unlike some that you would have to make by yourself. Its protein source is mainly from milk protein. We will be highlighting some certain points before going into the review proper. Let’s start with the different available flavors of Core Power Protein Shake in the market. 

Different Flavours of Core Power Protein Shake

  1. Banana flavor Core Power Protein Shake, having about 26 grams of protein. It is available in a pack of 12
  1. Chocolate flavor Core Power Protein Shake, having about 26 grams of protein. It is available in a pack of 12
  1. Strawberry Banana flavor Core Power Protein Shake, having about 26 grams of protein. It is available in a pack of 12
  1. Vanilla Elite Core Power Protein Shake, having about 42 grams of protein. It is available in a pack of 12
  1. Chocolate Elite Core Power Protein Shake, having about 42 grams of protein. It is available in a pack of 12

Note that there are various protein shakes across the globe. Some are specially made for some set of people according to their personal preferences. An example is the pea protein shake that is made especially for vegans. On the other hand, some are manufactured to meet certain health goals such as enhanced energy levels and so on. Some are made so that you can choose how you want to consume it. An example is the casein protein, insoluble in water and it can be consumed like dessert. It just keeps going on and on like that. If you have your specific needs, search for the shake that fits into your category and move on.

Nevertheless, let’s get on with our Core Power Protein Shake review. This particular product is a registered trademark of Coca-Cola. This product has been an amazing source of protein to many and based on recommendation, the market shows to be a promising one. It has a lovely taste, comes in a variety of flavors and has enough macronutrients.  

Many super athletes and gym enthusiasts according to research make use of this product as an energy booster from fatigue. No athlete or performer would want to risk getting a low performance. So, this is a real drink even in times of emergency. 

So many consumers’ comments and reviews on the internet have shown how good this product is. In more than 85% of its reviews, even on Amazon, consumers are all saying positive things about this product. The manufacturer makes sure that the process of producing this product is well tested and safe for consumers. This is one of the reasons they are known all over the world.  

We might not have enough time to highlight all the available flavors in this review. However, our best pick among all the flavors will be discussed further.

Best Pick: Chocolate flavor Core Power Protein Shake


Here are the ingredients used making the chocolate flavor Core Power Protein Shake:

Ultra-Filtered low-fat milk, Honey, Cane Sugar, Alkalized Cocoa, Natural flavors, Lactase enzyme, Sodium, Polyphosphate, Vitamin A Palmitate, Carrageenan, and Vitamin D. 

The chocolate flavors of the product come in 26 grams of protein, while some other flavors are 42 grams of protein. There are other amazing macros in the mixture. You will get a whole nourishing milk protein from a single bottle. A bottle of this shake is made to fill every needed nutrient for your daily workout. It can be taken before, during and after workouts.

Another ingredient or content to take note of is the carb. The carb is well enough and can energize your workout sessions. So it’s the best choice for those trying to get back to an exercise session after fatigue or glycogen depletion.

Furthermore, this product review cannot be complete without noting the nine essential amino acids in its content. This is one of the strong selling factors of the product.

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More About the Variants of the Core Protein Power Shake

This brand as we discuss is on the rise and like we stated earlier, the market demand high making the future promising for the brand. It should be noted that the shake is not just for bodybuilding only, there are various flavors as highlighted at the beginning of this article. Also, some of its flavors are limited and classic such as chocolate, strawberry-banana, banana, and vanilla.

Sizes of Core Power Protein Shake

Though the sizes are limited the content has what it takes to keep you going. The nutrients are highly rated and each bottle can give you the needed energy for the day’s activities. It comes in two different sizes 14 fl oz bottle and 11.5 fl oz bottle.

Macro Content of the Core Power Protein Shake

There are no many differences in all the available flavors. However, the macros are the same in all its content. The only clear difference is the protein content. Ready to drink type comes with 26 grams of protein. This is recommended for anyone, even kids. While the Elite is constituted of 42 grams of protein. This bottle is best for athletes and gym/workout enthusiasts. Therefore, note that the two main protein shake that this brand offers are Core Power Protein Ready and Core Power Protein Elite respectively.

Downsides of the Core Power Protein Shake

Although there are not too many complaints about this product in the aspect of the diary subsidiary. Nevertheless, users would appreciate if more flavors can be produced. It would cause a huge wave in the market. 

One major challenge about this product is that the demand is so high that the manufacturer can hardly meet up to the demand. Therefore, the product is always limited in the market. For retailers, this could be a turndown because if manufacturers cannot meet up to the level of demand, sooner or later their customers would find an alternative with other brands with available stock. However, it is advised that the price should be inflated so that the level of demand can be moderated to the level of supply. 

Summation of the Core Power Protein Shake Review

Many individuals have come to believe that healthy foods or supplements have awful taste. That idea is no longer trending, especially at this age. Everyone has a choice and alternative to what they want. Core Power Protein Shake has various flavors to choose from and it has a lovely taste too. It is also blended with all the necessary nutrients needed for a daily dose of energy. It is affordable and could be the best option for fast recovery from fatigue. Having a pack would do you more good. Enjoy your workout while relaxing with a ready to drink a bottle of Core Power Protein Shake.


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